Potential Deductions

The IRS offers two possible deductions: the standard deduction and an itemized deduction. Most people will receive the standard deduction by default. Some people have more expenses than average and can take the itemized deduction instead. The following are different items that could be deducted on your income tax return.

Medical and Dental Expenses

NOTE: These expenses have to exceed Federal income by 7% or Alabama income by 4% to be deductible. Therefore, you may be able to itemize on Alabama if you are unable to itemize on Federal.

Gifts to Charity



Casualty and Theft Losses

NOTE: All casualty and theft losses have to exceed 10% of income plus $100 on Federal and State to be deductible.

Miscellaneus Deductions

NOTE: All miscellaneus deductions have to exceed income by 2% on Federal and State to be deductible.

** These items are not allowed on the Federal 1040 for tax year 2018, however, some states may still allow the deduction.