All calculated values below are approximate and are intended for estimations only and not to be used in place of proper advice.

Federal Poverty Level Percentage
An estimation of where you sit on the American Federal poverty level.
Credit Card or Loan Debt
An estimation of how long until you get a debt paid off.
Compounding Interest
An estimation of the return of investment based on interest rate.
Gasoline Usage
An estimation of how much gas costs you per day, per week, per month, and per year.

Offsite Calculators

The Form W-4 is what an employer's payroll people depend on to determine how much tax to take out of your paycheck. If you are concerned you are having too much or too little tax taken from your paycheck, the IRS and Alabama have created calculators to help you determine what adjustments to make. You will need to have your most recent pay stubs and perhaps your most recent tax return on hand. Values can be estimated, but will affect the accuracy of these tools.

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