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July 12, 2021, Monday

The first monthly advance payments of the Child Tax Credit should begin on July 15th. The IRS has released a tool to allow you to manage your payments. You have the option to use an account or an account with

To create an account with, you will need a valid email address, your most recent tax return, a cell phone number listed in a national database (if it doesn't recognize your number, an activation code will be mailed to you, and one of the following:

To create an account with, you will need a cell phone capable of receiving text messages and your photo ID such as your driver's license, non-driver state ID, or your passport. You will be required to take a video of your face, and thus will need to complete the sign-up process on a mobile device with a camera or on a computer with a webcam.

Once you have managed to access your online portal for the advance payments of the Child Tax Credit you can view your eligibility, opt-out of payments should you prefer to receive CTC with your tax refund, and easily add or change your banking information. If you do not have a bank account are moving or have moved, the IRS has not yet modernized the ability to change your address on file with them and for the time being you will need to mail Form 8822 Change of Address.

Where's your refund? Backlogged with about 16.7 million other tax returns from 2019 and 2020. The IRS currently expects to finish processing the 2019 forms that were mailed on paper during summer 2021. Similarly, if you have tried calling about your tax return or to verify your identity after receiving one of the numerous 6330C letters the IRS has tossed out like confetti this year due to all the fake tax returns filed for stimulus fraud, the IRS has only been able to answer 2%-3% of the record 85.1 million calls received during the filing season. Their usual volume is about 7.3-12.1 million calls. The good news is that any tax returns timely filed by their deadlines will accrue interest. The bad news is that interest is taxable income and will have to be reported on your next tax return when you receive it.

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