Welcome to the 2021 tax season!

May the odds be ever in your favor.

January 11, 2021, Monday

It's a new year and we've started a new blog here on BettysTaxService.com!

To begin with, our office hours have changed.

Unless you make an appointment for a different time. We can possibly take an appointment as early as 6 AM and as late as 8 PM.

There are new cleaning regimens and visitor limitations in the office as per the economic and health turmoil of the most recent leap year.

We do not yet offer mobile tax preparation services, but are researching the possibility to come to you to prepare your taxes.

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A. Sanford, CTP

A. Sanford, CTP

I have been working in tax offices since 2006, preparing tax returns since 2010, and earned my Chartered Tax Professional certification in 2020.

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