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Filing Threshold for Most People
If your minimum gross income equals these amount for your age and filing status, you are required to file a Federal tax return.
Federal Poverty Levels
The Federal poverty levels based on income and household size.
Potential Deductions
If you wish to itemize on your taxes this year, these are some of the things that you can take.
Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

Self-Employed and Business Taxes
Some of the various forms required to be filed when you own a business.
Bookkeeper, Accountant, or Income Tax Preparer?
Need to hire somebody to help you keep your records neat but don't know if you need a bookkeeper, accountant, or income tax preparer? These are the differences between the three.

IRS Publications
The IRS has provided many of the forms and publications online to be viewed as PDF files.
Do you owe on your taxes?
If you owe on your taxes and are unable to pay before the deadline on April 15th, here are a few options to help you out.
Tax Rate
The current tax rates for the filing statuses and current mileage rates.
Financial Calculators
Calculators for paycheck withholding, compound interest, loan and credit card debt, gasoline cost, and Obamacare estimates.
Identity Theft and Scam Alerts
There are many people who will use any scare tactic they can to steal money from others, including pretending to be an IRS agent.