Work at Betty's Tax Service, LLC

We intend to grow the business and are looking to make a solid team. No prior tax or accounting experience required. This is an entry level job and job training will be provided. We are an equal opportunity employer. Age, ancestry, and all that stuff will not affect your application. Personal choices like being polite and punctual will. Below is an overview of what we expect from our preparers.

We are currently seeking a bilingual (English/Spanish) tax preparer to add to our crew.

  • Read, write, and do basic math.
  • Be able to use a computer.
  • Familiarity with handling money.
  • Be self-motivated and reasonably confident, with "quiet" energy.
  • Get to work on time.
  • Understand the difference between "personal day" and "sick day".
  • Prepare and review personal and small business tax returns.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality and other practices as outlined in Circular 230 and Publication 4557 Safeguarding Taxpayer Data.
  • Communicate directly with clients and respond in a timely and professional manner.
  • Scan, print, and copy documents.
  • Process payments.
  • Tax planning and consulting for clients.
  • Resolve IRS and State letters.
  • Work closely with staff.
  • Participate in the annual continuing education courses.
  • Keep your desk clean, and clean up your mess if you dirty the break room in the process of preparing your snacks and meals.
Work Environment
  • Casual dress code. You may wear a tshirt or business suit if you like, but no strong fragrances or too much exposed skin. The owner has no sympathy for somebody who wants to wear shorty-shorts in February and will not turn up the heat for you.
  • Small team, thus, direct reporting to the owner. The owner also prepares taxes, and will not expect anything out of you they are unwilling to do themselves, after consideration of experience level.
  • Relaxed free time. Should there be a calm moment between duties, you are welcome to indulge in a portable hobby or interest, such as reading, writing, digital puzzles, etc.
  • Potentially long hours if you want to try to work them. A standard shift can be 9AM to 2PM, 2PM to 6PM, or 9AM to 9PM depending on how busy the office gets.
  • Flexible schedule. We understand the demands of having a second job, being a parent or caregiver, going through school, living with chronic illness, and other responsibilities and obligations. Let us know your prior obligations and we can manage your appointments appropriately.
  • Freedom to leave your desk and talk to your coworkers. Since we are not a large corporation, you are allowed to greet and escort your own clients or have them sent back to you, and even encouraged to talk to your coworkers if you need help.
  • No competition with coworkers, thus, no issues of "client theft". Our goal is to serve our clients, not horde them away as trophies. If a client has a preference for a preparer, we honor their wishes. If they have no preference, you are just as eligible to work for them as our other preparers.
  • No sales! You will not be pressured to meet a quota for any insurance, gadgets, trinkets, or other irrelevant items. Just prepare the tax returns.
Payment and Benefits
  • 30% commission of all returns completed.
  • Job training, software training, and continuing education courses will be provided.
Potential Job Advancement
  • Notary Public
  • Certified Payroll Specialist (CPS)
  • Certified QuickBooks Advisor (CQA)
  • Certified Public Bookkeeper (CPB)
  • Certified Accounting Paraprofessional (CAP)
  • Chartered Tax Professional (CTP)
  • IRS Enrolled Agent (EA)

If you are willing to work with us for many years, we will help you find a niche to flourish under.

Anyone interested needs to apply by November 15th, 2018, so as to have sufficient time to complete the education courses needed for the 2019 tax season. Call or use the contact form to set up an interview, or drop by the office when it's open.