About Our Company

Betty's Tax Service has been serving the Sand Mountain area since 1987 and officially became Betty's Tax Service, LLC in 2010. We offer fast, accurate tax preparation at a reasonable price. We value our clients and will extensively research any questions to help them out.

About Our Staff

Since we basically live out of the office for three and a half months of the year, we try to make the office seem a bit more like home than a sterile environment. Our employees are often smiling or laughing about something.

All of our tax preparers complete the optional, but strongly recommended by the IRS, continuing education courses every year.

Mr. Teal

Mr. Teal manages the office, usually seen at the front desk handling appointments, copies, computers, and driving directions.

Mrs. Teal

Mrs. Teal has been our owner since 1998 and has over 20 years of experience with income taxes, bookkeeping, and payroll.

Most know her as the lady in the left office, directly behind the waiting room.

Mrs. Kirby

Mrs. Kirby founded the business in 1987 and has over 40 years of experience with income taxes.

Most know her as the lady in the right office, directly behind the front office room and next to the hallway printer.

Mrs. Sanford

Mrs. Sanford joined the office in 2006 and became our newest preparer and bookkeeper in 2010.

Most know her as the other lady in the back office with all the filing cabinets and the artwork on the walls.

About the Site

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